SpeakingI am increasingly being asked to address groups and conferences on the ways in which an understanding of artistic practise and the disciplines and craft skills of artists can be transferred to other activities.

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about what making works of art actually involves and there is a wealth of practical insight to be gained from an understanding of what really goes on in a rehearsal room or a studio.

Recent feed back from presentations delivered at the Banff Centre, Canada.


"Lots of energy"

"Opens the mind"

"Dynamic personality. Rich character, humorous"

"Enthusiastic, great energy"

"Fun, excellent teacher, encouraging, thoughtful"

"Very much present in what he does and the message he is imparting to all"

...and from a keynote address to the sales conference of a major engineering firm

"Firstly thank you for an excellent presentation. The feedback has all been positive; our MD stated that what you were saying was actually 'very deep'! "