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How to deliver a Knockout presentation

  • A one-day interactive workshop aimed at helping people to communicate confidently and effectively, using techniques employed in the professional theatre.
  • Are you ever boring?
  • Are they really listening to you?
  • Are they really engaged with what you are saying?
  • Are you really getting across the message you want them to remember?

Communicating with an audience is a special skill. We all know people who seem to have the power to inspire and persuade with the way they talk. This workshop will teach some of the skills and techniques that professional actors and directors use to command attention and ensure that the audience is riveted to what you say.

This workshop deals with the skills of communicating with clarity and commitment. In the theatre there are a range of practical techniques that actors and directors use in rehearsal to ensure that the audience is completely engaged with what the performer is saying.

The workshop will explore three main areas:

  1. Using the Voice
    Energy, clarity, pitch and tone communicate as much as content. We will practice and develop the use of the voice and learn how to communicate with energy and conviction.
  2. Actions and Intentions
    Acting is action. What are you trying to achieve with what you say? Some theatre directors use the concept of "Transitive Actions". This is a simple, easily mastered technique for giving variety and conviction to everything you say.
  3. Body language and rapport
    Learn how to command attention by developing mastery of the non-verbal signals that will maintain attention in an audience and compel them to listen to what you say.

You will learn:

  • About your own style and discover what helps and what hinders you in communicating your message
  • Some practical tips for developing the use of the voice to communicate with clarity and energy
  • How to give shape and interest to a presentation using transitive actions.
  • To gain confidence in your own body and how to master the unconscious signals that we all give out.

Presentation and communication skills are also available as one on one coaching.