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In Charge But Not in Control


A dynamic, theatre-based intervention for conferences and corporate events.

The theme of this programme is creativity: the search for it and the necessity of maintaining it, in a fast-changing, global, business environment.

"What does not destroy me makes me stronger." Taking risks and being daring, not only win us rewards if we are successful but even if we "fail", the experience gives us new knowledge and a changed perspective. In the theatre these risks are taken every day in the pursuit of innovation.

How do we have to be, to work as creative and innovative leaders in the world?

Directing Creativity will deliver a two part programme for your conference or corporate event: a one hour session that will break down barriers between individuals and set an agenda for a style of thinking and behaving through the event and as a preparation for deeper work in the second part which will look at personal development as a leader and the challenge of taking risks and daring to be creative in an unpredictable environment.

Act One

After a brief introduction on the approach and to meet the facilitators, we will separate into groups of no more than twenty for the first session. The session will include games and exercises to introduce the idea of ensemble work, the behaviours that encourage risk-taking, and the experience of participating in a group where the objectives are to encourage participation and creativity.

Act Two

The second session will take this work deeper and look at the blocks to creative leadership and techniques for releasing creativity in a group. The exercises in this section will give participants an opportunity to reflect on their own leadership style and its effects, and to rehearse behaviours that will enable creativity and innovation in themselves and others.

This session will end with a creative task that will culminate in a brief performance by each group of participants that will challenge them and provide a light-hearted and enjoyable end to the conference. This exercise will constitute a set of tight constraints and a limited time frame that will force the groups into making swift decisions and responding positively to the suggestions of others to achieve the task. Each of these sessions will last a minimum of one hour. The programme can be adapted to larger or smaller numbers and the themes of the day can be targeted to reflect and support key issues of the host event.

"In Charge but Not in Control" was delivered over two days as part of a major international banking conference with over 70 participants, hosted by a leading management consultancy by a team of four Directing Creativity facilitators.

"Very helpful, entertaining and challenging!"
"Very inspiring! Refreshing!"
"Very interesting and original"
"Very interesting angle to team work and performance"
"Very interesting personal experience"
"Excellent experience"
"The way it was handled was excellent. Many messages have passed and it enforced relationship/creativity within groups."
"Very different experience. Good team building exercises."
"Very liberating. Good interaction and broke down barriers"