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Leading Creative Teams


Where do good ideas come from? In the theatre we live or die by the quality of our innovations. In order to hold an audience, a play must continually surprise and delight. The theatre is a powerhouse of innovation and the techniques and attitudes of the theatre ensemble provide the framework within which creativity can thrive.

The workshop will involve a series of practical tasks and exercises adapted from rehearsal techniques that will look at the working of the theatre ensemble and the relationship between director and ensemble. The workshop will:

  • Provide new insights into the processes behind creativity and innovation and the subtle task of creative leadership in a fluid and fast changing environment.
  • Highlight the behaviours and attitudes that need to be in place for a group to find original responses to the challenges before them.
  • Provide an opportunity for reflection and insight into personal leadership style.

The workshop will be active and participatory and involve some light physical exercise. Participants should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and soft shoes. Women may feel more comfortable in jeans or trousers.

It is suitable for senior management with experience of leadership. There is a maximum of fifteen for this workshop and it requires a large rehearsal room with a flat floor.

Client feedback for this workshop:

How did you rate the experience?
'Useful and interesting'
'I would have happily carried on for hours'
'Useful and very practical'
'Very thought provoking and thoroughly engaging'

How did you rate the quality of the leading/teaching/demonstration?
'Excellent. Full of helpful hints and tips. Inspiring' 
'Engaging and clear'
'Engaging, lively and high quality created a good learning environment'
'Very professional and keeps you at your ease'

Was the content of the workshop what you expected?
'So much more'
'The course was much more interesting and practical than expected. Engaging but not in a daunting way'

Have you learnt/gained new skills from the workshop?
'Yes, listening skills, changing habits'
'Useful skills, how to approach different social situations'
'Lots of things to think about and new skills to practice'

Any suggestions for improvement?
'A day session would be better in order to leave work behind for one day and focus on the session entirely'

Other comments
'Really good and would recommend it to anyone/everyone'
'One of the most useful training sessions I have attended either for business or for life'