Directing creativity will also deliver stand alone interventions suitable for large or small groups around issues of leadership, creativity, and group working or communication skills: Here are some examples with quotes from clients.

Leading Creative Teams

Where do good ideas come from? In the theatre we live or die by the quality of our innovations. In order to hold an audience, a play must continually surprise and delight. The theatre is a powerhouse of innovation and the techniques and attitudes of the theatre ensemble provide the framework within which creativity can thrive.

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In Charge But Not in Control

A dynamic, theatre based intervention for conferences and corporate events The theme of this programme is creativity: the search for it and the necessity of maintaining it, in a fast-changing, global, business environment. "What does not destroy me makes me stronger." Taking risks and being daring, not only win us rewards if we are successful...

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How to deliver a Knockout presentation

A one-day interactive workshop aimed at helping people to communicate confidently and effectively, using techniques employed in the professional theatre. Are you ever boring?

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