ConsultancyIn collaboration with a group of highly experienced consultants Directing Creativity has devised a unique consulting tool adapted from the pioneering work of Brazilian Theatre Director Augusto Boal. This is a form of Image Theatre where issues are explored through the creation of images and tableaux to take a radically different look at complex problems. This technique requires expert facilitation and can deliver fast and effective solutions to complex and intractable problems:

"... it deals with the intangibles, not what you can write down on paper"

"You feel able to express your views in a non-confrontational way"

"You can explore off the wall ideas, without being branded a radical"

"It's like holding a picture in your head rather than words"

"It's not a problem solver, it's a solution finder"

[Quotations from research and evaluation of a programme carried out by independent consultants Millward Brown for a major international drinks Company on a Directing Creativity Intervention.]