Piers Ibbotson the illusion of leadership by Piers Ibbotson

Welcome to my website. I have set this site up in response the changes in the work I have been doing over the last few years. I have been increasingly involved in teaching and speaking engagements as well as delivering workshops and consultancy. I continue to operate (of which more on this site) through which I deliver bespoke training and development programmes for a range of clients in collaboration with a virtual network of artists, consultants and academics.

Since the publication of my book, "The Illusion of Leadership" I have also begun to form new alliances and explore new ways in which an understanding of the arts and artistic practise can transform the way we organise business and society. This site also provides me with the opportunity to publish articles and ideas as they emerge from my work and the rich conversations I have with artists, academics and leaders in business and society.